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Sinn Sage is known for being one of the best around girl/girl performers in our industry. Growing up Sinn knew at an early age that she was bisexual and wanted to experiment with girls and being spanked. Sinn was an excellent student in high school but told all her friends she soon hoped to be a stripper or porn star. She finally started dancing and then found her way to the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. While at the show, Sinn discovered many booths featuring her interest of fetish performance. The rest is pretty much history, Sinn began performing and blazed a trial of amazing lesbian scenes. Sinn was out of work for a while due to a serious snowboarding accident, but she's fully recovered now and we're all thankful. Our first scene with Sinn had her sharing time with Ariel X.



Stars: Avy, Sinn DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

It's a bit hard to believe that Avy and Sinn had never been offered the chance to work together, we were surprised to find out that they really didn't know one another at all. We had a good feeling about pairing up Avy and Sinn, it felt like a good match. Both girls actually had the chance to meet a day or so before our scene, so that was enough to create some anticipation. Of course, it was great to have Avy back on the site after a KissMe Girl vacation, she walked in looking as awesome as ever, and she still maintains her passion and love for women. It's always been a pleasure to watch Avy work over another girl, she certainly has a rare gift. At this point, it's very safe to say that I have a crush on Sinn's super ass!! Sinn is looking especially nice these days, her body really is very under rated in our business. As expected, Avy and Sinn hit it off quite well, both girls are very passionate and both really love women. Scene highlights include plenty of nice kissing, sexy hand work by Avy, and some very hot humping and grinding from both girls. It was easy to see that these two ladies could spend the weekend together for a long love making session. As always, let us know your thoughts on the scene and who you want to see next!! Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Sinn, Andy DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hey kissing fans!! It's always nice to see Andy back here at KissMe Girl, and this time we paired her with a girl we hadn't seen in a long while. Sinn Sage had let us know that she was dying to get her hands on Andy, Sinn and Andy had been able to tease one another in the past, but were unable to spend ample time together. We knew how much Sinn loves girls so we certainly didn't mind hooking her up with Andy. Sinn was looking better than ever, I didn't remember her ass being so perfect, it's safe to say that Sinn probably has the most under-rated ass in the business!! Her ass really does make your mouth water. Of course, Sinn still has her genuine passion for women, it's easy to see that Sinn really craves sexual contact with another woman, she's the real deal. We were really just along for the ride during this scene, both girls went on the attack quickly and we just tried to keep up, there's plenty of action for all tastes with both girls losing themselves in the scene. Scene highlights include - passionate kissing with nice deep kisses, fantastic body play with some super hot grinding and humping, and there are some spectacular shots of Andy working over Sinn's beautiful booty!! As always let us know your thoughts, this scene is full of real chemistry and passion. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Sinn, Ariel X DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Good News!! Hey everone, we're happy to say that Sinn Sage has finally joined us here at KissMe Girl. There had been mutual interest in having Sinn appear for a scene. It's great to see that Sinn has fully recovered from her accident and back in action. Sinn told us that she would love to perform with Ariel X, it seems that these two have always been close but never really had an ideal chance to focus on one another in a scene. Needless to say, we were more than happy to provide Sinn and Ariel X the chance that they needed to devour one another. All of us know that Sinn and Ariel are both truly lovers of women and it sure shows in this scene. I have to say that watching this scene was intimate, Sinn and Ariel really were passionately making love. The scene is full of passion, it's no secret that these two girls have a special interest in each other. It was hard not to notice that Ariel X looks as good as ever, her body is simply fantastic, especially her rock hard ass and flat stomach. Sinn isn't lacking in the ass department either, let's just say she has a very impressive backside. Scene highlights include just about everything, plenty of deep passionate kissing, tongue sucking, breast play and general body worship. Plus, there's also some very nice grinding action. Both Sinn and Ariel X are the real deal, they love women, so they fit in here just fine. As usual, let us know what you think, we think you'll love it. Watch Trailer!!

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