KissMe Girl Site Information: Our site is dedicated to the beauty of two girls kissing and making out together. We have nothing against hardcore content but you will not find any here at KissMe Girl. Our site is certainly aimed at anyone who just enjoys seeing cute girls making out and kissing one another with partial nudity. We are also dedicated to all natural girls with no fake or artificial breasts.

Technical Information (Members Area): We strongly suggest that our customers have a broadband/DSL internet connection in order to enjoy our site. The newest scenes are added to the Members Area in both MP4/H264 and WMV formats. Both formats are available in 1280 X 720 HD resolution. Older scenes will be available in one of several resolutions in WMV format depending on the scene's age. We suggest downloading the scenes and playing from your hard drive using either Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player or PowerDVD.

Download To Own (On Demand)Technical Information: This section of the site will allow customers to purchase individual scenes as downloads. Each scene can be purchased as a single product. If you purchase access to a single scene as a download, that access does not grant access to the general members area of the site. Once again, this section of the site allows for the purchase of access in order to download individual scenes. These downloads are the scenes only, there are no extras included with the download.

Each scene is a Windows Media file with a resolution of either 1280 X 720, 1080 X 720 or 720 X 480. The Windows Media files are Windows Media Version 9. Bit Rates for the files vary from 2,000 kbps to 4,000 kbps. The newest scenes will generally be 720 X 480 at 4,000 kbps. These files can be viewed with Windows Media Player in a variety of ways, you can elect to view the scene at 100%, or you can view at full screen. If viewing at 100%, the size of the video on your screen will depend on the resolution of your monitor. Each scene will be about 500 Megs 1 Gig in file size. The Windows Media files can be played with a Windows Media Player on a PC, and can also be played on a Mac with the appropriate software, called Flip4Mac Plugin. Or they can also play on a Mac running the Windows platform. The Windows Media files can also be burned to DVD for storage but they will not play on a standard DVD Player as they are only Windows Media video files. We don't use DRM, but some scenes will contain a small watermark.

You are purchasing access time to the link that allows you to download the video of your choice below. Each purchase allows you 3 days to access and download the video. Please remember it is your responsibility to backup your downloads to disc or another device, we will not be responsible if your content is lost due to a system crash.

Cost: Access to our Members Area is only $29.99 per month. Your membership will recur until you cancel.

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Download Limit: We do have a monthly download limit of 15 gigs daily at this time, this limit will roughly allow for 7-8 high quality MP4 scenes. Upon reaching this limit, You may be denied access to download any additional content until the beginning of the next day, although many times the hold will be lifted much sooner as we monitor the site constantly. Our server also monitors users who share their usernames and login information. If it is determined that multiple users are logging into the site using your account information, your access will be blocked and you will be notified. A new username will be issued once and the old username will no longer allow access to the site.

Responsibility for Content Downloaded or Otherwise Captured by You and/or Your Account: You specifically agree that if Your account is used to download any of the Content and such Content is later found on a one-click hosting site, a file locker site, a torrent site, a tube site, or any other site, service or server, or any other medium used for sharing the Content, that You will pay liquidated damages of $50,000 to Us per video and $25,000 to Us per photo, graphic, image or other data. However, You can show that your account was compromised because of a security breach of Our servers generally - and the breach affected your account - and not a result of your negligence (which may include selecting the word password or an equally weak codeword as Your password, or failing to take adequate security measures to ensure the security of Your account) or intentional sharing of your account, then you will not be responsible for these liquidated damages.

DVD Information: Our site also makes our scenes available on DVD. You do not have to be a member of our site to order DVD's from our site. Our DVD's are manufactured as DVD-R. Please verify that your DVD player is compatible with DVD-R Media. DVD-R is a popular DVD format and most DVD players are now compatible with DVD-R. If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us through our customer service email. Each DVD volume contains two scenes, the scenes are shot in 16X9 widescreen format. All DVD's are NTSC format, we DO NOT sale PAL DVD's.

DVD Shipping Info: DVD orders are shipped in a plain, discreet shipping box. The return address on the package will read as "GWE". For your privacy the package will contain no indication of it's contents. Orders are shipped via Priority Mail. Most orders will be shipped within 2-3 days depending on the order size. If your order is delayed, you will be notified via email about the delay. Priority Mail packages usually arrive within 3 business days after being shipped. Each individual DVD is packed in a small plastic DVD case without a cover.

DVD Return Policy: Defective DVD's will be replaced at no cost to customer, the defective DVD does not need to be returned. Returns will not be accepted if customer was expecting a PAL DVD.

Free DVD Policy: If you are a current member of our site when you place your DVD order, you qualify for one FREE DVD volume. It's our way of saying thanks to our members. After placing your order, just email us with your choice of a FREE DVD volume and we will add it to your order. Only one free volume per order.

Sharing Ideas: We absolutely enjoy getting feedback and ideas from our customers. Please fill free to email us with any of your ideas and feedback. We can be reached via email at [email protected]