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It was exciting to add Karina White to our site, Karina is a tall 5'9" natural beauty. One of the first things anyone notices about Karina is her great eyes and of course her amazing natural breasts. Karina is an original California girl, she was born in Los Angeles and eventually found her way into the adult biz. Karina is very active on Twitter, she loves BMW's and also loves living by the beach. It's safe to say that Karina proved to be an aggressive performer, she enjoys girls and especially loves boobs. Despite Karina's sweet looks, she doesn't mind revealing her dirty side.



Manf: GREYWOOD LENGTH: 43 MIN. Media: MP4-H264/WMV
Stars: Karina, Lea HD: 1280 X 720
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Needless to say, we were very happy to get the chance to bring Karina White back to our sites! Karina doesn't shoot as much anymore but she said she would love to drop in for another KissMe Girl shoot. Naturally, Karina is looking as beautiful as ever, probably even better than ever! She's still blessed with that gorgeous face and perfect natural boobs. We had been looking into Lea Lexis for a while, she's a super sexual European girl who likes to mix things up. Lea is a former gymnast and it's easy to tell. Karina told us that she would like to work with Lea, so it was the perfect time to try out Lea and see Karina again. Lea caught onto the KissMe Girl style quickly and easily, she's very passionate and has a great tongue! Scene highlights include plenty of nice intense tongue kissing, tongue sucks, deep kisses, great boob worship, and some sexy humping with Lea on top! A very nice scene with two long tongue girls, passionate kissing and plenty of nice action. Keep the requests coming and we'll do our best to get it done and satisfy your kissing cravings, and pass along your thoughts as always. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Manf: GREYWOOD LENGTH: 45 MIN. Media: MP4-H264/WMV
Stars: Karina, Veruca DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

We know that some of you were really hoping to see Karina White on the site and we also thought that was a good idea, so we decided to have Karina make an appearance. Karina is a certainly a hot young girl and there's no doubt that she's blessed with an amazing pair of natural breasts. It's also safe to say that Karina has great energy and she does seem to enjoy the company of another girl. We paired Karina with Veruca, we knew that Veruca would love showing Karina the KissMe Girl way, Veruca is also full of genuine sexual spark and she most certainly was loving Karina's beautiful boobs. Veruca is also blessed with killer good breasts, so this scene is loaded with eye candy for the breast lovers. Scene highlights include enthusiastic tongue kissing, tongue sucks, super breast worship, plus some horny grinding as well. Karina surprised us with her aggression, and we hope you like her as well. Keep the requests coming and we'll do our best to get it done and satisfy your kissing cravings, and pass along your thoughts as always. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!

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