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Darryl Hanah came late to the adult film industry - when she realized "it was the next logical step. Basically everything I was doing as a hobby was adult-related. I've always loved porn so, being a dirty girl, it was the next obvious choice in my life. Now I make a nice living doing what I like to do in my personal life. And I like that people can enjoy me - enjoying myself!" The all-natural, 5'10" California-dream hottie (36D-25-35) from Mendocino County by way of Sacramento had settled into a career in restaurant management when, by stroke of luck, she began hosting parties for the Free Speech Coalition. She met several adult actresses at these events and became emboldened by their openness and friendliness (and happiness!) She was a bit shy when it came to her sexuality, but she loved watching porn - so she gave it a try. Funny thing happened: she found out she was plenty sexually confident…she just needed a camera and a chance to show you in films to realize it! Moving from the State Capital to the San Fernando Valley, Darryl Hanah quickly established herself in SoCal's Porn Valley as a ringer for her mainstream namesake (notice the two 'r's & one 'n' - opposite the mainstream actress). Like the mainstream star she takes her name from, the adult industry's Darryl Hanah has a captivating beauty and radiates sexuality - because she loves what she's doing. Darryl loves masturbation. She says she likely made it out of high school without being pregnant because she'd perfected the process long before she hit graduation. Now, as a rising adult film star, she figures they might as well pay her to do it and let you enjoy watching it, because she's going to do it anyway! She's not into demeaning stuff - that doesn't turn her on. Her one rule entering Adult was to never have any regrets. And to not do anything she doesn't find sexy. But you'll figure out what does turn her on when you watch her execute her self-described "dirty blowjob", or just getting lost in the great, "dirty" sex you can see in her growing library of movies!



Stars: Ann Marie, Darryl DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hello everyone!! We thought that it was time to have Ann Marie back for another visit, she's always been a wonderful performer and lover of women. Ann Marie was last paired with little Lexi Belle, this time we thought Darryl would make for a nice pairing. Ann Marie and Darryl had never shared the same scene, and Darryl was excited to sink her claws into Ann Marie. As you know, both of these women are very passionate, so we were expecting a few sparks. Darryl is widely known for her aggressive nature, but Ann Marie is also quite the little firecracker. It was great fun to watch these two go at one another, I would have to say that Ann Marie won the battle of dominance, just barely. Both ladies looked sexy and were full of energy. I still say that Ann Marie is one of sexiest ladies in the business, her Hispanic beauty paired with her sexual heat is a tough match to beat. The scene highlights include very passionate kissing, tongue sucking, very nice breast play and more. It was pleasing to pair these two for the first time ever, and hard to believe that no one else had in the past. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Darryl, Brynn DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hello to everyone!! Hopefully, you will all be happy about the edition of Darryl Hannah to our site, many of you had requested her in the past and we finally decided to add her to our collection of scenes. We wanted to pair her with another passionate performer, we decided that Brynn would look sexy with Darryl and we were right on the spot. Darryl could wait to dig into Brynn for the first time, so we knew that the action would be hot, and it was!! We played around with a little food in this scene, just to get our feet wet. It's by no means a messy food scene, just some light food play to start the action. The scene highlights include plenty of passionate deep kissing, tongue sucking, lip sucking, breast play and more. Darryl really loved holding Brynn in her lap and then trying to devour her. Hope you enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Ariel X, Darryl DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hey Guys!! Our latest update stars a KissMe Girl first-timer, Ariel X. Many of you had requested Ariel X and we had been told by many girls in the industry that Ariel was a fantastic performer and truly loved women. We have to admit that Ariel certainly lived up to her reputation. We paired up Ariel with Darryl, we had been planning to bring back Darryl for a while and we thought that she would be the perfect partner for Ariel. It turns out that Ariel and Darryl had never played around before, so they were both excited about getting to explore new territory!! As soon as the camera turned on, these two forgot about everything except one another, the scene was very passionate and both girls were extremely focused on pleasing the other. Darryl looked super sexy as she worked up a sweat while having her way with Ariel for the first time. In case you did'nt know, Ariel also performs as a female wrestler, and her body looks the part, she's very firm and tight with a killer ass. The scene highlights include deep passionate kissing, swirling, tongue sucking, breast play and more. I do think this was one of our most passionate scenes. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!

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