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Amy Brooke is a Mid Western girl from Chicago. Growing up, Amy was always a very sexual person and began experimenting sexually at an early age. Before entering the adult industry, Amy worked for a credit card company. After losing that job because of an extended trip to Mexico, she started her adult career. Amy's first adult scene was anal. She has always loved anal sex and has developed a reputation in the biz for delivering nasty anal scenes. Amy claims that there's nothing she loves better than ass and that she's thrilled with making the move into the adult industry.



Stars: Amy, Lily DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Happy Days!! Well, we had been hoping to have Lily Labeau back on the site for a while. We had tried several times but the timing was always just a little off the mark. Finally, we were able to make it happen and it was awesome to see Lily back in action here at KissMe Girl. Lily is very into women her passion really shows through during her scenes. We paired Lily with Amy Brooke, we also really love Amy, she's full of passion and energy and loves the act of sex as much as anyone we've ever seen!! Amy is almost all pelvic thrust and always full steam ahead. By the time we finished shooting stills, both of these girls fired up and ready to dive into the scene. Both girls looked amazing and they certainly got off to a fast start, they were more than ready to release their sexual tension after taking photos and teasing one another. Scene highlights include a variety of action: Very passionate tongue kissing, tougue sucking, plenty of body worship, plus very hot grinding and humping from Amy. We also enjoyed how both girls used strong hands on one anothers bodies, it was also nice to see Lily's nice long tongue again!! As always make sure to let know your thoughts. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Andy, Amy DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hey everyone. As always, it was awesome to have another visit from Andy. We usually let Andy tell us who she would like to get her hands on for her KissMe Girl scenes. Andy had never really gotten the chance to have a real Amy Brooke experience, so we decided to let Andy have her way with Amy. We had shot Amy once, but thought it would be great to see her with a KissMe Girl regular. Amy is no doubt a very sexual girl, she makes some very interesting comments in the Fun Questions segment. I should also point out that Andy was totally happy about getting her hands on Amy's fantastic body, and I admit that Amy's legs and ass are nearly perfect. It was obvious from the start that these two would hit it off great, both are aggressive and tend to get lost during their scenes. One of my favorite moments during the scene included both girls climbing into one anothers lap and grinding away while kissing. Other scene highlights include very nice passionate kissing, sexy body worship, intense grinding and a little sloppy kissing thrown in for good measure. This was a fun scene to shoot, as always, tell us your thoughts. Enjoy. Watch Trailer!!


Stars: Justine, Amy DVD: AVAILABLE
Desc: Kissing Scenes With Partial Nudity

Hi everyone. We've been hoping to add Justine Joli to our site for a very long time. Justine has been a friend for a number of years and we've always known how much she truly enjoys women. Unfortunately, Justine lives in New York City, so it can be difficult to catch her at the right time. Finally, we were able to make it all work out, and we paired her with Amy Brooke. We wanted Justine to have the chance to explore someone new to her so we could see Justine come to life with the chance to devour a new girl. Amy came highly reccommened, so it's safe to say that Amy loves girls. As a matter of fact, Amy is just full of sexual energy and she totally shows it once she steps in front of the camera. Amy told us that she loves to be watched, and we sure enjoyed watching her for the first time. Justine is still one of best, she displays a true passion for women and sometimes seems to get lost in the moment. This scene had a great energy to it from the very start, it didn't take these two girls long to warm up to one another. Scene highlights include very passionate kissing which also included some kinky wet kisses, there's also sexy body worship, grinding and more. Justine said she had never experienced sloppy wet kissing before, so this was a Justine Joli first. Enjoy, and give us your thoughts. Watch Trailer!!

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